Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Roses upon Roses

It's my son Coopers last day at day care today, he is so excited but unfortunately l don't think he realises that when he starts school he's not going to have wonderful hot lunches and be able to play all day! I hope it isn't too much of a shock for him.

I decided to make a cake to say thank you for the carers, they take care of him like he was their own.

The cake is a vanilla butter cake, I was given this recipe from a lady l went to cake school with. I have had the recipe sitting in my to make basket for quite some time, after making it I can't believe l waited so long to make it.

Vanilla Butter Cake

Heat Oven to 180 deg / 160 fan forced cooking time around 50 - 55 mins

Grease and 8" round tin

220 gr caster sugar

250gr softened butter

250gr plain flour

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 teaspoons of baking powder

3 eggs at room temperature

125 mls buttermilk at room temperature

Beat butter until soft and fluffy for a minute or so, then start adding the caster sugar gradually so as not to choke the butter.

Cream the butter and sugar together

Then add the vanilla extract.

Add the eggs one by one beating well after each addition.

Add the sifted flour and baking powder

Fold in the flour gently by hand using a metal spoon, alternating with the addition of the buttermilk.

I also used this recipe to make this Mickey Mouse Cake.


Y x