Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I can't believe how lucky I am!

Never in my wildest dreams would l of thought l would have such an amazing job, I have to pinch myself every time l go to work.

This week l am completing Basics 104 and 106, this is one of the cakes. I think this would make the perfect Autumn/Winter Wedding Cake.

Enjoy Yx


  1. You're right - that's a lovely looking cake. Now if only people would stop having cup cakes at every wedding...

    And congrats on the new job. I bet you know some very envious people :)

  2. Lucky you!! I am determined to do a Planet cake course one day, for now I'll have to be happy with my local cake courses.

    Congrats on the new job, that is fabulous and enjoy. I'll put my hand up to admit I am green with envy ;-)

  3. Hi here I am a newcommer to your blog. Absolutely love this cake. You are so right when saying that it would make a perfect wedding cake. I have been looking for "my" perfect wedding cake for some time now and think I have just found it. It is simple, yet elegant and stunning looking- not overdone like some cakes you get at weddings. What is it made of?

  4. The cake is chocolate mud cake, it is layered with chocolate ganache and then covered with fondant.

    Y x