Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Treats and packaging tips

I woke up in the middle of the night and had a mild panic attack, I had totally forgotten to make some thing for Hamish's teachers. Will said don't worry they won't mind, but a friend of mine who is a teacher said we always remember parent's who don't give gifts!.

So I whipped up some of my favourite Gingerbread cookies and we were all good to go. But l simply couldn't just give them cookies on a plate, I find there's nothing nicer then receiving a present thats packaged just as nicely as the gift itself!

I've always disliked spending huge amounts of money on cards, wrapping paper and everything that goes with it. But now l've discovered some great Two Dollar stores theres nothing more that l enjoy then hunting for my next treasures.

When l wrap a gift I tend to find three ribbons with differing colours and or patterns (such as gingham or polka dot) that compliment the gift. The ones l used below were $2.00 each for 3 metres, there was more then enough left over for one or two more gifts.

The box or wrapping paper needs to be a solid colour, l love to using neutral tones as I find them to be more effective. You can find some great boxes at the cheaper shops like the Reject Shop.

There are also some fabulous tissue papers available. I've always wondered why tissue paper had to be so boring but now there some great designs such as the polka one l used below.


Y x


  1. Your cookies are so cute and your gift wrapping is gorgeous!

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