Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baby Rose

Well I have some exciting news, my dear friend had a lovely baby girl early this morning! She is just beautiful, they have named her Rose. My friend suffered from Diabetes whilst pregnant, so she made me promise to bring something sweet in when I visited. So when l heard the news of Rose's delivery l went straight to kitchen because if l had turned up at the hospital with nothing l think she would of thrown me out.

I made her this adorable 3" Square Cake, decorated with pink roses. She was so thankful when we arrived, but she made me promise not to upload a photo of her with the cake as in her words "was feeling not very photogenic"

The cake was a bit of a rush job, would of loved to spend some more time on it. But l was way too excited to see Baby Rose oh and of course Mum too!

Some other exciting news, I have enrolled myself into a Planet Cake Course. I can't wait.

Take Care

Y x


  1. i love the idea of a mini cake like this--so sweet!

  2. Thanks Kate, I love making Mini Cakes!