Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Ball Cookies

With Christmas just around the corner and my husband away l thought l would practice some ideas for Christmas Gifts, in previous years l have always just bought Coopers teachers a gift but this year l thought l would make something more personal.

Once again l used a combination of Gingerbread and Vanilla Bean Cookies, I then found the cookie template online, you could even draw it freehand or buy the cutters. I drew the template onto heavy cardboard. After rolling the dough, place the template on top and cut around. This bit is a bit tedious, if you are planning on making a big batch l would definitely invest in a cookie cutter.

I place the fondant on while cookie is still warm, as the warmth helps the fondant stick. I then took my smallest flower cutter which was about 1.5cm and pressed it randomly around the cookie.

For the gold l used this edible old paint .

Enjoy and stay tuned for some more designs!

Y x

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  1. Your ideas are amazing! I love these baubles and your reindeer cupcakes, but I can't make out what you have used for the face? Jaffa nose, smartie eyes and pretzel ears?
    Too many cakes and not enough time! :0)