Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cake Decorating School begins

Well last night was the first class of my 6 week course at MerryDay Cakes, I had a blast. Apparently the first lesson is the most basic, we learnt how to colour Pettinice (aka fondant) and make icing shapes on wires. These shapes will then be used as a cake topper for our two tier cake.

We all had to make 25 shapes using varying cutter, I'm making this cake for my niece so l decided to go with her favorite colours purple and yellow. We had two hours to make the shapes, many people finished within an hour eeek by that stage l had only made 4. You could call me a slow coach, but l prefer perfectionist.

Next week we are icing the cake board and putting together the cake topper, I can't wait!

Enjoy! Y x


  1. hey I didnt know you were doing a cake decorating classes. When did this begin? Justin

  2. hey there, they started last night I'm sure l told you. Yx