Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hey Hey it's Donna Hay

The Gourmet Cupcake Packet Mix

Hey Hey is Donna Hay

Sorry about the corny title, but this is always what springs to mind when l see her name. I love all things about Donna Hay and you could even say l have a deep fascination with her. For many months whenever l'm in David Jones l always eye of these beautifully packaged Cupcake Mixes, but could never justify spending $14.95 on a Cupcake Mix that only makes 12 when l could easily make 24 for considerably less. That is until they came on sale, even at $8.95 I still find them expensive but if you are novice in the kitchen and want to make something special with a home made taste l would differently try these. The packet contains, the cake mix, icing mix and 12 cupcake case although l actually got 20. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

The mixture is quite thick, which makes it a bit tricky to get even amounts in the cases. I normally would use a piping bag when adding the mixture, but thought l should sticks to basics and just used two spoons. I was worried that l might have varying sized cupcake but as you can see they all came out pretty even.

The cakes are light and fluffy and slightly crunchy on the outside which l love, I'm not a huge fan of the icing but I'm not big of chocolate icing.

Hey Hey is Donna Hay

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