Sunday, October 18, 2009

Monster Bash

Well what a whirlwind weekend! My baby Cooper turned five on Saturday, it's so hard not to look at him and think that he is no longer a baby. If only feels like yesterday that l was putting him to bed with his sleeping bag, 3 dummies and a drink bottle. As silly as it sounds it really feels like he has matured over the weekend.

He wanted a monster party, l found some great monster themed scrap booking paper in which l based the cake around. The cake wasn't going to have the black dot's on it, but Cooper said it needed more black and that he wanted to do it himself eek... so l gave him a few practices and he was actually pretty good. He did most of the dots himself, he's going to be my little budding cake decorator!

The party was a hit, we had 27 kids running crazily around the house. Cooper had a ball, unfortunately l didn't get to photograph all the food as l was a bit pushed for time. But l did get one of the dessert table! I love parties and l can't wait to do Hamish's in November.


Y x


  1. I bet the desserts table didn't look that nice for very long! Yummy!!!

  2. It was all eaten pretty quickly, I was hoping for some leftovers!