Tuesday, October 6, 2009

mmm giant freckles

With Cooper's birthday just around the corner l've been trying a few different treats, and what better treat then Giant Freckles. Rather then the standard lolly bags l thought l might make these, I can just see all the kids eye lighting up when they see them and the parents thinking oh no.

Be warned they are extremely addictive!

Another bonus is that they are really easy to make

To make them

Gently Melt 500g of Chocolate and 50g of Cocoa Powder over the stove top stirring to combine.

Pour melted chocolate over disposable plates, spread evenly and then cover with sprinkles. Place in fridge and wait until set, once set they should remove easily from the plate.

Thought l would also add a photo of the banner l have made for Cooper's Birthday. He's having a Monster party, you can't tell but there are little monsters on the paper.


Y x


  1. as a party-mummy, i here-by approve of the the freckles!!! If there's a spare one on the day....think of me!

  2. how many does it make