Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baking Addict is looking for a new name....

I need your help! the name Baking Addict has never really sat well with me, but at the time it was the only one l could come up with. Baking Addict was just going to be a temporarily name until l could up with a new whiz bang one. As you can see my creativity has been stumped!

So I would really love to hear some suggestions from my readers, and if your name is chosen you will be the winner of a copy of Jane Lawson's Recipe Book "mum's dinners" . Mum's Dinners is a mini recipe book containing some of Jane Lawson's personal recipes including full-of-flavor roasts, pies, stews and barbecued dishes.

So if you would like to offer some suggestions and be in the chance to win a copy of "mum's dinners" you can do so by emailing me at yvettehooley at gmail dot com , please replace the at and dot with @ and .

Can't wait to hear your suggestions!

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