Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nanna's Famous Coffee Sponge Cake

I read on another blog by NQN, that she is looking to gather some secret Nanna Recipes. I thought about it for bit and then the first one that sprang to mind was Nanna's famous Coffee Sponge, this was a cake the she rarely made for the grandchildren but rather for her daughters to which in turn my mum would make for us. I only made this for the first time on Mother's Day for my mum, as my grandmother had passed away four years ago l thought it would be a nice way for mum to celebrate mothers day for Nanna. 

I received a copy of the recipe from my mum for my hen's day four years ago, I have always been very weary of making a sponge as my first attempt was a flop. But with my Kitchen Aid and my new whiz bang oven l was bound to succeed!. 

The cake was delicious, mum was thrilled!

Nanna's Coffee Sponge

4 Eggs Seperated
3/4 Cup Castor Sugar
3/4 Cup Self Raising Flour
2 TBLSP Corn Flour
1 TSP Butter
1 TBLSP Golden Syrup
1 TSP Coffee
1 Drop of Vanilla Essence

Beat Egg whites till stiff
Gradually add Sugar
Mix in Egg Yolks
Fold in Sifted Flours 
Melt Butter, Syrup, Coffee and Vanilla .
Gently drizzle Coffee mixture down the side of the mixture and fold together.
Divide mixture evenly into 2 lined pans.

Bake for 15 minutes (time may vary depending on oven) at 200 degrees


  1. That looks brilliant! Will you enter it into the book? It sounds like just the kind of recipe we are looking for :)

  2. Hi Lorraine, sure will just trying to find a photo! x

  3. Hello Yvette,
    Was just wondering if you had a recipe for the cream filling and icing?


    Btw - this recipe turns out great! even if you use gluten free self raising flour as my partner is gluten intolerant.